We do serve dinner – but only if the order is made at least two days in advance.

The prices excludes beverage. Currently we can only serve non-alcoholic beverage such as various beer and cider alternatives


275 sek/person

Meatballs of elk with mashed potato and lingonberry

Swedish cheesecake (from “Vrigstad ostkaka”) with strawberry jam and wipped cream


375 sek/person

Baked salmon with vegetable salsa and thyme aioli

Apple pie with vanilla sauce


375 sek/person

Schnitzel with oven baked potato and bearnaisesauce

Sticky choclate cake with wipped cream


450 kr/person

Boeuf Bourguignon of elk with mashed potatoes

Home made cardamom-scented apple pie with custard

Simple sandwich

95 sek/person

A sandwich with suitable toppings